Ship Repairs and Various ServicesShip Repairs and Various Services

We offer following services:
We carry out all kind of repairs/ Services on ship such as:

  • Repair of main engine/ Auxiliary Engine, Boilers, Reconditioning of motors, liners etc.
  • Repair of Pipes and ship’s structure
  • Servicing of UTI, Gas meters, Fixed Gas detection system, ODME, OWS, pressure & temp. Calibrator, alcohol test meter etc.
  • Servicing FFA & LSA such as Fixed fire extinguishing system, Fire extinguisher, EEBD/ SCBA, Immersion suits, Lifeboat/ Davits etc.
  • Underwater Inspection/ cleaning of hull

We monitor the ship’s repair progress through our very experienced staff to give the best turnaround time in most economical price.