We, Oceanbrave Shipping, are a manufacturer/ supplier of PV valve test kit. Our test kit is of high quality and tests the PV valve lifting pressure (both pressure/ vacuum side). This will assist ship staff to ascertain if their PV valves are working properly. It gives clear information to ship staff their PV valves requires overhauling/ replacement in case of improper functioning of PV valve. Further, we have seen that many vetting inspector, PSCs, USCG etc. are asking for such kits to check PV Valves.

Importance of proper functioning of PV valve is vital for safe operation on tanker vessel as malfunctioning of these leads to disaster onboard (such as rupturing of tanks/ pollution/ environmental damage etc. which can eventually lead to huge financial losses). Hence, it is advisable to keep this kit onboard to carry out regular testing of PV valves as per guidelines provided in our manual.

Download PDF OSPL PV Valve testing Kit